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Queen of Psychos Art Comission
I open commissions again which won't bring much anyway but i will try it. My goal is a new Premium Membership. So you can either pay me with points or real money. I prefer real money however due to several reasons.

If you commission for points you will have to pay a bit more like last time. 1300 points for a full colored picture. IN real money this would be good 10 bucks. Which is okay i think for the amount of time i use for my pictures.

I will open four slots, easy math. 4x1300 Points are 5200 points, more than enough for a new P-membership :3.

I will only offer full colored pictures this time, no lineart or whatever. Chibis are okay too.

I will list up some examples for you so that you can look what i am able to do. (this does not contain Robots, Transformers, Animals, Pokemon, Naruto and Bleach.) OCs are welcome too. Non-Fandom ones prefered.


1300 :points: or 10 Euro(Dollar):

If the daughter... by Mistress-Of-EternityAll the little things that makes me happy... by Mistress-Of-Eternity

Note me when you are interested or if you have any more questions.
I will open a donation point too where you can pay the points :3



Le Favourites ~~

Horror Fellas:

I'm A JigSaw Apprentice by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A LeatherFace Lover by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Freddy Fan by PsychoSlaughterman


TMNT Krang Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman :heart: TMNT Shredder Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman :iconbigheartplz: :icondeyedplz:

:iconkrangplz: :iconsaysplz: :icondeyedplz:

:iconshredderplz::iconsaysplz: :iconimthinkingplz:

:iconkrangplz: :iconsaysplz: :icondesiremeplz:

:iconshredderplz: :iconsaysplz: :iconannoyeddotdotdotplz::iconwtfbuttonplz:

Adorable Chunks of Mutants:

TMNT Bebop + Rocksteady Stamp by dA--bogeyman :icondawhatplz: :iconharharplz:

TMNT Stamp - 80s Fan Krang by Fulcrumisthebomb


:iconmoriaxperonashrine: :icononepiecechibis: :iconop-fishmen: :iconmadmen-asylum:


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Headshot Zheta-Post Timeskip by Mistress-Of-Eternity
Headshot Zheta-Post Timeskip
Headshot of my TMNT OC Zheta at the age of 21. She looks clearly more older and got back to a way tamer hair style as in her teenage years. Her personality also changed  a little bit ever since she became a mother which did a good thing to her.

She is still a very distinct personality which tends to emotional outbursts here and there.
Azuma by Mistress-Of-Eternity
This little Fella is called Azuma and is a mutated iguana-alien hybride. It`s natural habitate is the rough and dangerous planet of Morbus where it lifes under constant dangers like acid rain and even more hazardy stuff like chemicals and stuff. Morbus is located in Dimension X and is a huge jail complex with wild fauna and flora outside.

Azuma is the offspring of a very special Iguana-like alien species called Irukken, they only life on Planet Morbus and nowhere else in the universe.

Here is his backstory which is a little bit linked with another being you already knew. But one thing after another:

A very very long time ago the prime-minister of Utrominon, Quanin, visited Planet Morbus because he came to execute one of his fiercest enemies who was always a thorn in his eyes. Unknown to the other members of the ruling council of course, they were against all kinds of brutality against people no matter if criminal or not.

After the deed was done he made his way back to his ship but was attacked by a huge iguana-like being which nearly killed Quanin. He was impressed by the sheer force of this beast and decided to take it with him back to Utrominon.
He was able to usurp the creature and tamed her so far it was able to follow him without making any sort of ruckus.

Back on Utrominon he showed the lizard like animal to his family. His wife Kiiara was horrified because of it's looks but the children Krang and Yoom took an instant liking to it and after a little begging from both, Quanin allowed them to keep it as pet and they named it Lizzadora or short Lizza(it was Krangs idea to name it like that while Yoom was for something like Gojira)

Soon a very close and deep bond blossomed between Krang and Lizza and they became one soul and heart. Many eons everything was alright until one day where some rebells, foes of his father who by now was an Empereor and solemnly ruler of Utrominon, attacked the capital city of the planet, killing half of it's inhabitants. They also stormed the home of their arch enemy and tried to take everything from him which was doomed as failure, only Lizza was taken with them under harsh protest of Krang and Yoom. In the end Lizza was gone and a very hurtful moment in Krangs life happened. After this his personality became way darker and he slowly changed into the cold and emotionless ruler he is nowadays.

Unknown to Krang however, Lizza escaped the forces and was left back at some random planet. It had an very similar fauna as Morbus and soon Lizza made herself a little home. She also met another one of her species, a sub-kind which was way smaller and less dangerous as Lizzas kind. They became a pair and got three baby iguana hybrides.

Sadly two died and the only one left was...well you can imagine who, it was Azuma. He survived and was able to grew up safely. One faithful day, a giant round ship/machine thingy landed on this certain planet, it was the Technodrome where, now an adult Krang and his alliance partner Shredder landed on emergency case.

As they strifed through the wilderness they came to Lizzas home where she was laying in her last rounds...she was dying of old age... Krang instantly recognized Lizza and before she died they could once more be together even only for a short moment of time. After Lizza died, Azuma came to his mother nuzzling up to her, moarning for her.

Seeing as this must have been the offspring of his beloved pet, Krang decided to take it in as his pet, in loving memory of his old faithful childhood friend. Azuma quickly took a liking to these two strange beings and willingly came with them back into the Technodrome.

He was happy and content to have found a new home for himself. One day, roughly a year after Krang took him in, Bebop and Rocksteady accidently threw some mutagen onto Azuma which mutated him into his current form.

From then on he was bipedal and was able to talk. It was a huge change for the young lizard but soon got a hang of it, enjoying it. Azuma later on joined the Technodrome Crew as fully member and was used besides Bebop and Rocksteady in fights and missions but had a very special place at Krangs side.


Azuma is able to blind his foes with an acid liquid coming out from his mouth. He is also very strong and is able to beat Rocksteady and Bebop single handed. He is very intelligent and absorbs informations like a sponge.

He can jump high from the ground and is very agile.

His personality is mischievous, cocky and a little egomanical sometimes. Azuma hates to swim and to dance. His favourite color is blue and his favourite food are Utromsche Meatballs made by Krang after an ancient recipe from his grand-grand-grand-mother(which taste horrible for any normal human btw)

Azuma prefers to walk in his natural state and don't wear any clothes.
Good Old Times by Mistress-Of-Eternity
Good Old Times
Old pictures of a time long gone.

Someone really don't like those kind of pictures it looks like so at least.

Webbed in my little Fanfiction Secrets of Krang on

Featured are the alien brains mother, father and older brother.

Kiiara, and Yoom belong to me, Quanin to IDW Comics.
I created many OCs/Fancharacters over the ages and here i want to sum them up from oldest to newest. I will only describe them shortly because there are a lot of them and i don'T have all the time of the world we go :)

Reiko Moriah:

Eldest daughter of Gecko Moriah and Perona, twin sister of Moony and elder sister to Jiro. Inherited her mothers powers of controlling ghosts to a certain amount. Appears with white skin, fire-red hair and punky clothes. Has pointy ears and teeth. Love to scare other people or play pranks on them.

Moony Moriah:

Younger twin sister of Reiko, elder sister of Jiro and second oldest daughter of Moria and Perona. She can controll shadows via willpower and has a pet bat called Inkey. Her closest friend is her shadow doppelgänger which she shares a close bond with. Has white skin, fire-red hair and prefers cute clothes but hates frills.

Jiro Moriah:

Youngest child of Moria and Perona, inherited no powers of his parents, his only special feat is that he can understand animals and can speak with them. He was born prematurely and was rather weak because of that. Jiro grew up with decreased bodily strenght as well underdeveloped growth. As he grew older his height did a little jump and he got a decent size for himself. His character changed the most from his siblings from being innocent to purely deranged and psychotic. As teenager he was kidnapped and lost his memories due to an unfortunate accident. He lifed on the streets from then on only to met up later with his long lost siblings Reiko and Moony. Jiro looks a lot like Gecko Moria in his youth, he also has spiky pink hair and donns a fair amount of piercings on his body.

Caroline Victoria Hogback:

Only daughter of the infamous Dr.Hogback and the actress Cindry. Growing up in the macabre surroundings of the Thriller Bark, Caroline grew up to be rather quirky, she got incredible mental powers and her IQ stands in no way back to her father. Just like her dad Caroline became a surgeon specialized on dead people and corpses. She has pointy ears, is rather pale and has a petite figure. Caroline has long blond hair and has to wear glasses constantly due to her short sightness. Her clothes consist of sophisticated clothes and lab coats whenever she works on corpses or how she calls it...patients...
Later she left the Thriller Bark to make a name for herself. Caroline stayed in close contact to her family and often visits them.


Daughter of Absalom and Perona. Before the ghost lady came together with Moria she used to date Absalom and gave him two daughters, Mariah and Kathleen.
This rather aggressive woman has a tendency to emotional outbursts and uncontrollable rage fits. She has immense power and is able to fight against people double of her size and stature. With her mother she has a difficult relationship, its best described as rocky. Her father is the only one who can sooth her and make her calm.
Mariah has short pink colored hair and is very pale. She has a sturdy body and is rather muscular, she also prefers manly clothes and likes to play rough. Mariah and her Sister founded their very own pirate crew, sailing on the grandline to make a name for themselfes. Their current location is unknown.


Slightly younger sister of Mariah and energetic bundle of power. Just like her sister she has immense physical strenght and stamina, able to take on foes double her size. Unlike Mariah however she is way more collected and prefers to think over situations before overreacting. Caroline also gave her various parts of animals to make her even stronger giving her a rather patchwork like look, similar to her father Absalom.
She has middle long blond hair which she wears in two pigtails.
Kathleen prefers coats and hoodies to wear. Her favourite animals are lions...
Later on she and her sister founded a pirate crew and set sail across the grandline, their current location is unknown.

Luna Moriah:

Geckos mother and overbearing parent. She is a half giant and lifes on a far away island somewhere located in the grandline. her character is best described as pushy, overly attached and emotional especially towards her son and her grandchildren. Her hobbies consist of baking all sort of cakes and cookies as well gardening. She has an impressive collection of rare plants and flowers which she is very proud of.
Her appearance is gigantic, she has long spiky red hair, pointy ears and teeth. Luna wears gothic like clothing and loves pompous outfits and accessoires. Sometimes she visits her son and his family but these visits are mostly short lifed due to certain reasons.
Luna is also the step-mother of Bartholomew Kuma and took him in after he got lost in the woods of her homeland.


A young tiger shark fishwoman who works as a doctor deep down on Fishmen Island. Living together with her three "sisters" Reya, Skadi and Berry she lifes a life of no worries. Her character is serious, over the top sometimes and also clumsy on certain situations. She fell in love with Arlong and stayed in a rather stable relationship with him. Her skin is light brown with dark brown strifes and she has pointy teeth. Ceres haircolor is dark blond with streaks of lighter blond highlights. Ceres loves books, drawings and badly drawn hentai(but would never admit it).

Shizu and Chio:

Siblings who were adopted by Hachi and Caimie. Originating from the fishmen district those two girls could not be more different. Shizu is the happy carefree one, Chio the stern, calm and serious one with a knack for swords of all kinds.
Chio is a great white shark mermaid while Shizu is a giant squid fishwoman.

Shizu is good friends with Ikaros from the New Fishman Pirates as well Vander Decken, later on she even will be his girlfriend. Her pet is a little squid called Squee. She shortly also joins the ranks of Decken but stayed only for a short amount of time.

Chio has enourmous emotional issues and trusts nearly no one. Expections of this are Hachi, Camie and her sister Shizu. She is also very protective towards Shizu and would do anything to protect her from harm.
Part One-Character Guide
Part One of my OCs/Fancharacters of the years. I will let out a few mostly because i mashed them up or erased them from my stories seeing as their are no longer useful or needed. Most of these which i dropped were undeveloped and rather boring. 
The First Design by Mistress-Of-Eternity
The First Design
All beginnings are hard especially in robot making. This here is Krangs very first exosuit made by himself at the tender age of childhood. 

TMNT belongs to their rightful owners as well this character here :)


Mistress-Of-Eternity has started a donation pool!
13 / 3,836
Here you can support my goal for a new Premium Membership :3 Thank you *bow* My prices you find on my comission folder :3

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